Equipment Repairs

Replacement Parts of the following:

Battery Doors, Film Doors, Memory Card Doors, Film Door Release, Shutter Release Button, Top / Rear Cover LCD’s, Lens Optical Unit, Memory Card Slot, Main FPC / PCB Assembly, Flash Assembly, Flash Xenon tubes, CCD Image Sensor / Filter, Rear Lens Mount Assembly, Lens Optics


Camera Repairs:

Complete internal / external cleaning, lubrication and minor adjustments, Clean CCD Image Sensor, Memory Card Slot repair, cracked LCD’s, jammed lens assemblies, front lens cover blades stuck, flash not firing, shutter release button not working, DSLR main mirror jammed, no power to camera, damaged front lens mount or contacts, film or battery door not closing, replace mirror damper sponge, replace film back door light trap foam


Lens Repairs:

Damaged rear lens bayonet mount, damaged front lens filter ring, damaged front / rear lens elements, dirty lens elements (dust inside), cracked / dented / jammed filters, loose lens barrels, auto focus issues, lens errors


Flashgun Repairs:

Broken / cracked hot shoe foot, cracked / missing infrared sensor panel, Xenon tube replacement, zoom head assembly jammed / binding, cracked / malfunctioning LCD’s, no power


Projector Repairs:

No forward / reverse function, no power, auto focus issues, noisy operation, lamp / bulb not working, fan / motor not working, lamp / bulb replacement, gear replacement, belt replacement, all projector repairs receive a complete internal / external cleaning, lubrication and test.